Genesee & Wyoming C44-9W Pack (AZRC, MNA, QGRY)


RRMods Operator Series Asset


RRMods Operator Series Product

***************TRAINZ 2019 & TRAINZ 2022 COMPATIBILITY ONLY***************

The most accurate and detailed GE Dash 9 in the Trainz Simulator market. From a highly detailed and accurate cabin made correct down the the proper seats and paper work found in the real operating cab. This is Operator Series Product has many programmed features and audio recorded off of the real equipment. This product is a representation of the late 90’s BNSF Dash 9 order that was purchased second hand by Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Company. This product is a pack with 3 different textures representing he Arizona and California Railroad (reporting mark ARZC), The Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad , LLC (reporting mark MNA) and a fictional DASH 9 for the Quebec Gatineau Railway (reporting mark QGRY). TRAINZ 2019 and TRAINZ 2022 PRODUCT ONLY. Does NOT work in TANE.

Some of The Features…

  • 3 different meticulously made individual textures representing 3 different G&W Railroads (AZRC,MNA,QGRY)
  • Realistic Specular/normal map texture effects
  • Air Hoses and MU Cables
  • Functioning and interactive computer screen
  • Functioning dynamic brakes
  • Auto Running Numbers
  • Road specific highly detailed cab view
  • Scripted cab functions
  • Realistic in-cab sounds
  • Openable engine compartment doors,
  • Openable Front and Rear cab doors,
  • High qualify GE 7FDL engine sound

RRMods is a official partner with N3V Games. has over 15 Years of experience in the Train Simulator industry and is the leading 3rd party content creator in the Trainz Simulator Game Franchise

Please ensure you install the latest RRMods script/sound library installed after purchase


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