CN C44-9W 2200-2205

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CN 2200-2205 GE C44-9W


CN C44-9W 2200-2205

Please ensure you install the latest RRMods script/sound library installed

*****TS12-T:ANE compatibility ONLY*****

Features: Includes ARN #2200-2205
Prototype cab view, 7FDL-16 Engine Sound, working marker lights, skin changer(3), animated couplers and hoses, night lighting, many many more scripted features in cab and outside.

***Disclaimer*** It’s the CUSTOMERS Responsibility to backup purchased files. You have 40 days to download your product before your download link expires!****

1 review for CN C44-9W 2200-2205

  1. train boss (verified owner)

    This is amazing I love the detail, the horn is a bit quiet though, this is 5 stars!

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