CN C44-9W 2523-2602

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CN C44-9W 2523-2602

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CN C44-9W 2523-2602

*****TS12-T:ANE compatibility ONLY*****

Features: Includes ARN #2523-2602
New GE cab view, NEW 7FDL-16 Engine Sound, skin changer(3), animated couplers and hoses, night lighting, many many more scripted features in cab and outside.

***Disclaimer*** It’s the CUSTOMERS Responsibility to backup purchased files. You have 40 days to download your product before your download link expires!****

3 reviews for CN C44-9W 2523-2602

  1. RoRBus3196 (Email username)

    The attention to detail! Weathering, spectacular! The fuel tank weathering is just amazing! It looks and feels like a real locomotive. If I were to choose RRMods.CA or Jointedrail, i’d choose RRMods.CA. Good locomotive. Really like the look of the windshields! It reminds me if an SD70M And A C44-9W got mixed, windshields, of course! The interior looks spectacular. The tape, the detail, the exhaust behind the horn, the everything! No matter how good the locomotive is, nothing beats this!

  2. Parker (verified owner)

    Very amazing locomovtive! I love the horn and almost every thing about it!

  3. AmericasSouthRailfan (verified owner)

    Awesome locomotive! It is highly realistic and it goes very nice with BC Rail locomotives and Holly Sub from DLS! Highly recommended!

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