ᵃ UP C44ACCTE 5982-6081

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***************TRAINZ 2019 COMPATIBILITY ONLY***************

Please ensure you install the latest RRMods script/sound library installed

Representation of the very last UP C44ACCTE order between the years 2010 to Current. Cabs are exactly created to prototype. TRAINZ 2019 PRODUCT ONLY. Does NOT work in TANE.


  • Includes Skin changer with 4 different skins
  • Working Cab SIgnal
  • Realistic Specular/normal map texture effects
  • Air Hoses and MU Cables
  • Functioning and interactive computer screen
  • Functioning dynamic brakes
  • Auto Running Numbers
  • Road specific highly detailed cab view
  • Scripted cab functions
  • Realistic in-cab sounds
  • Openable engine compartment doors,
  • Openable Front and Rear cab doors,
  • High qualify GE 7FDL engine sound

2 reviews for ᵃ UP C44ACCTE 5982-6081

  1. Southeast Railfan (verified owner)

    it looks good

  2. Greater Houston Railfan

    Really nice locomotive, just wish they would make the newer scheme with the shield closer to the front.

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