CNW AC4400CW 8801-8835

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CNW AC4400CW 8801-8835




Please ensure you install the latest RRMods script/sound library installed

Representation of a CNW AC4400CW between the years 1998-2005. This product is compatible with both TANE and TRAINZ 2019 only. NOT a Railworks product.


  • Includes Skin changer with 4 different skins
  • Functioning Cab Signal
  • Realistic Specular/normal map texture effects
  • Air Hoses and MU Cables
  • Functioning and interactive computer screen
  • Functioning dynamic brakes
  • Auto Running Numbers
  • Road specific highly detailed cab view
  • Scripted cab functions
  • Flashing Ditchlights
  • Realistic in-cab sounds
  • Openable engine compartment doors,
  • Openable Front and Rear cab doors,
  • High qualify GE 7FDL engine sound recording in Trainz

1 review for CNW AC4400CW 8801-8835

  1. AmericasSouthRailfan

    Perfect if you’re going for 1990s in the midwest!

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